SkinStudio Professional

SkinStudio Professional 7.30

Stardock SkinStudio is a program that allows users to create visual styles

SkinStudio Professional 6.3 is a program used to create visual styles for Windows XP and Windows Vista. It supports the animated ‘Please Wait’ icon and has an added layer support as well. For the purpose of animation it features NWA compression.

The application has glyphs and per pixel borders support layers. It also has a task oriented design along with skin re-coloring. It also supports a sidebar and vista start menu buttons. The program is bundled with edit task dialog controls and support for internet explorer 7. It has a vista explorer that contains command bar, information pane, list view, please wait screen etc.

SkinStudio Pro has an explorer background and supports title bar buttons, glow effects and sub-styles. It is more task-oriented and features a customized wiki. The various parts of skin can be previewed within the program and the fonts and the color can be customized accordingly. Each part of the theme can be changed and customized with the options and effects.

SkinStudio Professional gives freedom to the user to create many customized skins with ease. It has a user friendly interface with a complete visual style. Users can completely change the title bars, borders, push buttons, scrollbars, Start bar, Start menu and each and every part of the GUI.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Many unique skins to customize the GUI


  • Difficulty in finding the skins
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